Our Collection

What's here in the Archives?

Visit the new Tyne & Wear Archives online catalogue here

For guidelines on using the updated catalogue visit this page. 

Our Archives are home to a huge variety of sources that sit on almost 12 miles of shelving. Types of resources we hold are:

  • Local authority records such as minutes, building plans, school records and hospital records
  • Magistrates records and other court records
  • Business records of all types, including local industries such as shipbuilding, engineering and coal mining. Records include photographs, plans and other material
  • Church and chapel records such as marriage, baptism and burial registers
  • Records of local organisations
  • Private papers of individuals and families

If you would like to find out more about what we collect, please download our Collection Policy.

Moving image collections relating to Tyne & Wear and the greater North East are administered by the North East Film Archive.

How to access the collection

Check our user guides and search the online catalogue to see if there is anything of relevance to you. If you need help or aren't sure, please contact us.

If you wish to view the original records, then you'll need to pay us a visit. If for any reason this isn't achievable then our research service may be of help. If you're just after copies of specific items, then our copying service may be the most appropriate.

Our online catalogue continues to grow, but there is still only a small amount of records available. If you are looking for images you may wish to take a look at our Flickr page.

Donations to the collection or bringing in items for identification ​

Please get in touch with us (via phone, email or letter) before bringing in your items to describe what you would like to offer, or what you need help with identifying. Send us a photograph if possible.

We’ll reply letting you know if your offer is something we can accept, if we need more information, if we cannot accept your offer or to arrange a time for you to bring your item in.

There are a variety of reasons that we may not be able to take your donation. We have a Collections Development Policy that we must use when making a decision.

Please note that unless there are compelling and legitimate reasons, hazardous objects and substances will not be accepted.