Local History: Where do you think you are!

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Until Friday 25 May

Until Friday 19 July

Booking Information

Charge per class £90 per workshop.

Add an introductory to the Archive session in your school for an extra £75.

Additional charges may be incurred if the schools requests our time to research documents.

This workshop is available on a Monday and Tuesday.

Workshop Summary

This is a great workshop if you want to start a local study project with your class. You will start by investigating a range of items that may include Maps, Plans, Photographs and other records from Tyne and Wear Archive, chosen by you, your class or carefully selected by out learning staff. This will give your class the starting point to develop your own Local enquiry. Your class will have the opportunity to explore the museum to further investigate the theme drawn out from your Archive research. To aid your class’s study they will use Tablet Computers through out the sessions to record what they find from the archive and in the museum.

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